Key to ISO 31000 Success

Start with overreaching themes to provide management with a strong foundation for an effective ERM program as they develop and tailor their specific approach to implementing ERM. These themes “Keys to Success” for organizations that are now starting ERM initiatives and provide a useful foundation for specific actions detailed. These keys also help company’s board to address some of the recognized barriers and resistance points to ERM adoption.

The themes are:

  • Theme 1: Support from the Top is a Necessity
  • Theme 2: Build ERM Using Incremental Steps
  • Theme 3: Focus Initially on a Small Number of Top Risks
  • Theme 4: Leverage Existing Resources
  • Theme 5: Build on Existing Risk Management Activities
  • Theme 6: Embed ERM into the Business Fabric of the Organization
  • Theme 7: Provide Ongoing ERM Updates and Continuing Education for Directors and Senior Management

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