Take A Leap in Your Risk Management Career

The rapid growth of Enterprise Risk Management has created an increasing need for risk management capabilities. With a high acquisition rate of ISO 31000 standard, companies throughout the world are now searching for professionals that can effectively and holistically manage the company’s risks.  So if you are a Risk professional, whether you are working at the technical, managerial, or strategic level of an organization, having a widely recognized competency in Enterprise Risk Management is a must to boost your career.

Who should apply?

ERMCP is ideal for professionals with a minimum of 3 - 6 years of Enterprise Risk Management experience.

ERMCP is given to professionals who are well-experienced in the field of Enterprise Risk Management and can demonstrate their knowledge, experiences, and skills in managing the Enterprise Risk Management process, which consists the following processes: setting the context, identifying, assessing, mitigating, and monitoring risk.


Based on ISO 31000 International Standard

Having an ERMCP proves that you have a fundamental understanding of the most widely recognized Risk Management standard in the world with flexible industry applicability.

Validates Specific Enterprise Risk Management Experience & Expertise

ERMCP also proves that you have specific experience & expertise in risk, and the ability to demonstrate knowledge, experiences and skills in managing the Enterprise Risk Management process.

Obtaining ERMCP

ERMCP certification can be obtained through EBA (Exam-Based Assessment) for ERMCP with the passing grade of 70%.

The ERMCP exam costs USD 500, which includes:
A 20-day access to the ERMA Exam Portal
Exam study materials (6 modules), to help you in facing the exam
Access to Exam simulation, to familiarize yourself with the exam format
Exam fee
Certification fee should you pass the exam

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