December 7, 2022 Wednesday,10:00 AM

Risk Governance Master Class – Hybrid Training

Global disruptions have pushed companies across the globe over the technology tipping point. As a result, they are creating a new definition of what is normal and shaping new perceptions of how things should work. They create new sets of threats, regulations, and competition settings while creating new opportunities for global corporations. An effective and integrated practice of Good Corporate Governance and Enterprise Risk Management at the Board level--Risk Governance--is essential in creating and protecting companies' value in this capricious, rapidly-changing world.

Program Approach

The program will be delivered using the following methods:

  • Practical case studies
  • Conceptual learning points based on real-world scenario
  • Group work discussions
  • Personal reflection sessions

Who Should Participate?

The program is designed for members of corporate and public supervisory boards, members of executive committees, and the talent pools of listed and large corporations:

  • Executive Directors
  • Non-Executive Directors
  • Chairperson and member of Audit Committee
  • Chairperson and member of Risk Oversight Committee
  • Chairperson and member of Corporate Governance Council • Chairperson and member of Ethics Committee
  • Chief Audit Executive
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Senior Risk Practitioners
  • The Talents for Future Directors

Register Now

Registration fee
Early Bird: USD 250 (Onsite), USD 175 (Online)
ERMA Certification Holders: USD 300 (Onsite), USD 225 (Online)
Public Participants: USD 350 (Onsite). USD 275 (Online)

*Early Bird price is available until October 30, 2022. Group price is available upon request.
**Bundling Package with Risk Beyond 2022 is available. Download the brochure on top of this page for more details.