The Value of Enterprise Risk Management

While essential to compliance, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) also offers to firms a competitive advantage by enabling them to manage both their capital and entire business more effectively.

"ERMA certification
provides an excellent
foundation to build
a future career in
field of risk

-Martin Loosemore,
Professor at UNSW

Our Professional ERM Certifications

ERMA offers 3 ERM Certifications for 3 different levels of Risk Management proficiency

Enterprise Risk Management Associate Professional

For students or professionals with less than 3 years of Enterprise Risk Management experience and who have a desire to further explore ERM careers.


Enterprise Risk Management Certified Professional

For well-experienced professionals who have been in the field of Enterprise Risk Management with a minimum experience of 3 - 6 years.


Certified in Enterprise Risk Governance

For high-level ranking officers and decision makers with a minimum of 15 years of experience, with exposure to senior or board roles.


Program & Publications

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